What Jobs Best Fit Your College Degree

Date posted: Dec 20, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

If you are a recent college graduate or looking to graduate soon you will want to know what jobs best fit your college degree.

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If you are a recent college graduate or looking to graduate soon you are probably wondering what jobs best fit your college degree.  We have created a matrix to show you exactly what jobs best fit your college degree. And we will detail several of our current job openings for college graduates.

What Jobs Best Fit Your College Degree

This matrix will show you what jobs best fit your college degree.  Scroll down more to see specific job descriptions and locations where these jobs are located. 
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Production (Manufacturing) Engineering Jobs

If your college degree is in engineering, specifically mechanical, industrial, electrical or manufacturing you'll want to check out or Production (Manufacturing) Engineering Jobs.

Production Engineer
As a Production Engineer you'll be responsible for the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, fabrication and assembly, cost reduction initiatives, processing of engineering changes, and introduction of new products. Six Sigma certification and bilingual is preferred. We currently have an opening in Waller, TX just northwest of Houston.  Click here to learn more about this position

Design Engineering Jobs

Jobs in our Design Engineering area require degrees in engineering or computer science. 

CAD Engineer
Goodman, in Waller, TX is looking for a CAD Engineer. Our CAD Engineers works with the Engineering team to develop and sustain residential and/or commercial HVAC-related products. Designs, analyzes, and documents new or existing products from the requirements provided.  Creates and sustains specifications using engineering analysis and judgment. 

Design Engineer
We have several openings for design engineers based on level of experience. As a design engineer you'll create, revise, and sustain HVAC product designs, utilizing knowledge of mechanical engineering principles. In addition, you'll develop and manage project schedules related to new and existing product designs. And analyze product designs using tolerance, thermodynamic, finite element, and computational fluid dynamic analyses.

To see all of our design engineering jobs and where they are located click here

Logistics Jobs

Logistics careers require degrees in engineering or supply chain. 

Logistics Coordinator
We are currently looking for a logistics coordinator in Jefferson, GA. This position will be directly responsible for assigning outbound work to the shipping operation via PKMS. 

Logistics Supervisor
We are also looking for a logistics supervisor in Jefferson, GA. As a Logistics Supervisor you'll be responsible for supervising the operations and distribution functions of the warehouse. You'll supervises the activities of those engaged in the movement of finished goods, parts and inventory control activities.

Bid Desk Analyst
Our brand Motili in Denver, Colorado is currently looking for a bid desk analyst. The Bid Desk Analyst is responsible for the quote state from the beginning through the completion of the Motili Work Order process. They serve as the HVAC Specialist within the Motili team and are responsible to provide industry knowledge to colleagues, including on-the-job HVAC training, installation application, and answer contractor questions / concerns as they pertain to the job at hand. The analyst reviews all contractor quotes and submits to clients for approval based on a series of rules.

To see all of our logistics job openings click here

Procurement Jobs

If you have a degree in management, engineering or supply chain you will want to look at our procurement jobs. 

Senior Commodity Manager
As a senior commodity manager you'll manage categories for indirect material in support of HVAC operations.  You'll also engage with business units to establish voice of the customer to seek requirements and to ensure supply base strategies are aligned. And you'll be responsible for development and execution of category strategy and ensures the alignment of these strategies with the business and functional stakeholders.  Finally, you will conduct or support supplier selection and negotiations. 

We have several permanent positions for procurement jobs and internships for those still working on their college degrees. See if procurement is the best fit for your college degree

Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs seem self-explanatory but we actually have marketing jobs for those with engineering degrees as well as marketing and communications college degrees.

Marketing Coordinator
The Marketing Coordinator supports the marketing of a product or business.  Specific responsibilities of a marketing coordinator include build inbound links to websites, email marketing, social posting and scheduling, database maintenance and competitive research. In addition, we want our marketing coordinators to provide basic public relations outreach and network building.  Prospecting to reach potential customers and proofing marketing materials including videos is also a key responsibility. Finally, you manager internal marketing communications and maintain a marketing project calendar.

We currently have an opening for a marketing coordinator in Chesterfield, MO

Sales Jobs

Marketing, Management and Sales college graduates will find plenty of sales jobs here at Daikin. 

Territory Sales Manager
We prefer college degrees for our territory sales managers. A Territory Sales Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, maintaining, developing and growing a volume driven and profitable base of up to approximately 50 target and core dealers.  We currently are looking to fill territory sales manager positions in CaliforniaFlorida, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri and Illinois. Click the link on the state to read more about the specific territory sales manager job. 

Inside Sales Customer Service Jobs
We provide full training for our inside sales customer service jobs and have openings all around the country. Click here to learn more about a position as inside sales customer service

Branch Operations Jobs

Branch operations have several entry level jobs as well as those that have Marketing, Management and Sales degrees.

Human Resources Consultant
The Human Resources Consultant (HRBP) will support a specific area or areas of the business acting as a liaison between line/staff management and all areas of HR. You'll administer HR programs, practices and procedures for all levels of people.  In addition, you'll be asked to provide feedback from the areas supported on HR programs to HR functional specialists.  Formulates partnerships across the HR function.  Manages daily support activities for customers.  Administers programs to maintain effective employee relations through the equitable application of policies and procedures.  Human resources is a vital component to any organization.

Project Manager
Motili in Denver, CO is looking for a project manager. The Project Manager works closely with the Director of Project Management to manage mid to high-level projects (e.g.,currently 10 or more installations/asset tags/preventative maintenance cleanings, typically between $50k - $3M). The Project Manager will be the primary liaison between Motili and the Client and/or Contractor. The Project Manager will be capable of managing all aspects of the project from application, installation, and operation. The Project Manager should be capable of ensuring that the Motili Contractor is performing the work per the agreed upon best practices and quality expectations. 

Warehouse and Assembly Line Jobs
Most of these jobs do not require a college degree. But obviously they are a vital part of our business in helping to assemble our products. We are constantly on the lookout for hard working team members to fill our warehouse jobs and assembly line positions. Click here to read more about some of our best factory jobs


If you have a degree in accounting our finance read on to learn more about our opening for accountants and college finance majors. 

Cost Accountant
A Cost Accountant’s purpose is to classify, record, and appropriate allocation of expenditure for the determination of the costs of products or services, the relation of these costs to sales values, and the ascertainment of profitability. In addition, a cost account conducts studies that provide detailed information regarding the costs of business activity. This includes raw material purchases, inventory, labor, scrap, capacity, machines, expenses, etc. You'll analyze changes in product design, raw materials, manufacturing methods, rate schedules or services provided to determine effects on costs. And finally, compare factors affecting prices and profitability of products or services.  We are currently looking for a cost accountant in Waller, TX


Corporate Counsel

If you have a law degree, we are currently looking for corporate counsel. Goodman Manufacturing, a member of Daikin Industries is seeking a professional, skilled individual for our Corporate Counsel - Legal position at our DTTP - Waller, TX location. Again, this is just outside Houston. The successful candidate must have the ability to provide effective and practical counsel on a variety of corporate and transactional matters. Prior in-house experience is strongly preferred.

For this position you'll need a J.D. from a recognized university and U.S. bar admission.
In addition, we require at least five (5) years of experience at a large law firm and/or in-house (experience with consumer products manufacture and distribution a significant plus).  You should have strong negotiation skills as well as interpersonal and presentation skills. 

Click here to learn more about our Corporate Counsel position and how to apply. 

Jobs at Daikin

Again, these are just some of the jobs best fit for your college degree. Daikin is a global company with over 80,000 employees and facilities throughout the United States. To see all of the job opportunities we have at Daikin click here.  If you haven't graduated just yet and are looking for a college internship we have plenty of those available as well.