Use A Company Career Page Vs. Online Job Boards

Date posted: Sep 23, 2022   Author: Daikin North America  

Find out how searching for jobs on a company career website or company job board compares to using an external job board.

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For the most up to date list of available jobs it's always best to go directly to a company career page. If you have done your research and know the company names you would like to work for, or the types of companies just go directly.  Almost all large companies have their own career pages these days.  Ours, of course is

Back when online job boards first started popping up, companies utilized these resources to get their jobs posted quickly. And it was effective.  But over time, other companies saw opportunities to be the middleman in your job hunt. 

3rd Party Recruiters Use Job Boards

3rd party recruiters use job boards to find talent and job opportunities.  Many times, they are not even a preferred recruiter for a company.  Yet, they will contact you and promise you that they can get you in front of the hiring manager. And they will also most likely ask you to sign a contract stating you will not let any other recruiter represent you. 

Now, you have put all your eggs in one basket when looking to get hired.  You have signed a contract that you will not use anyone else to try to land your dream job. And they may not even have a contact at the company.  

Another negative to using 3rd party recruiters is say they get multiple candidates for the same job and the have been told the company will pay them $30 an hour for the resource.  If they have multiple viable candidates they may submit the one that accepts the lowest offer in order to increase their profit.   

Don't get me wrong, there are some good, reliable recruiting companies out there and some companies only utilize 3rd party recruiters.  But if you know of a job at a company listed on a company career page, your best bet will always be to submit directly.  I mean, hey, wouldn't you want the full hourly rate the company is willing to pay for your skills?

Internal Company Recruiters

Internal company recruiters also utilize online job boards.  If you see that a job has been posted on a job board directly by the company, it is absolutely ok to submit your resume that way. 

Here at Daikin, we certainly use internal recruiters.  As a company of over 80,000 employees globally, we are always looking to fill jobs. 

In fact, we are even looking to add to our recruiting team. We currently have openings for a College Recruiter and a Senior Recruiter

Benefits To Finding Jobs on Company Job Board And Company Career Page

1. You know the job is available.  Many times, those posted on online job boards are already filled.
2. You can get top dollar.  Without having to give over part of your salary to a recruiter you can generally get paid more.
3. Companies know exactly what they are looking for.  A 3rd party recruiter doesn't always understand your skill set and how you could be the best fit for a position. 
4. You can fully research the company.  A company's career page will generally tell you much more about their company and climate.  An external job board limit's itself mostly to the job post only.

Leading Manufacturing Company

We are one of the largest manufacturing companies.  We have over 80,000 employees globally, so we are not only looking for people to work on our assembly lines and warehouses.  In addition, we have jobs in all areas to keep our company running smoothly.  From human resources to engineers and software developers, just to name a few.  Use our easy job search tool to look by role, career area and location.