University Of Houston Graduate Jobs

Date posted: Apr 13, 2022   Author: Daikin North America  

Do you know someone that is a recent graduate of the University of Houston or is graduating in 2022? Let them know about the great job opportunities we have for college graduates.

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Congratulations graduate!  You did it or will soon graduate from the University of Houston.  But what's next?  You've put in the long study hours, crammed for finals and your hard work has come to an end.  Now you need to turn that University of Houston diploma into a career.  And of course, you want a job you will love. The good news is there are plenty of University of Houston graduate jobs.  But which company do you pick?  

When you are looking for your first job out of the University of Houston there are several factors to consider.  Do you want to stay in the Houston area or look outside Texas? What type of company do you want to work for?  Do you need health benefits right away?  Many college graduates are on their parent's health insurance.  Unfortunately for many this benefit expires soon after graduating. If this is your situation, you'll want to look for a company that has great benefits effective on day one of employment

Another factor to consider when looking for your first job after graduating from the University of Houston is a company with plenty of room for career growth.  We are a global company with over 80,000 employees and continue to grow.  This means we have locations throughout the United States and in other countries.  In fact, we first started in Japan. 

University of Houston College Graduate Jobs

No matter what you got your degree in from the University of Houston we are sure we have a possible job for you.  We are especially certain if your degree is in Engineering. But we are also looking for college graduates with degrees in Logistics, Procurement, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Accounting, and Finance.

As a global manufacturing company, it takes a true team of talent. See what jobs best fit your college degree working with us.

Cullen College of Engineering

Being that we are in the business of making world class HVAC systems for both residential and commercial customers, engineering is crucial for our business success.  And we know that if you attended the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston you are already a step above. 

If your emphasis was in Production (Manufacturing) Engineering or Design Engineering, we really want to talk to you!

The majority of our engineering jobs are located just northeast of Houston in Waller, Texas.  

To search our open engineering jobs click here. 

University Of Houston Summer Internships

If you haven't yet graduated from the University of Houston we still have several job opportunities for you to consider.  

We have a 12-week Summer program that provides University of Houston students with the opportunity to work individually and in groups. Our interns actually get real work experience. And make an impact on real projects. The projects you will work on help our business succeed and achieve our goals. We start recruiting for Summer intern in the Fall semester. But don't worry, we continue recruiting until all positions are filled. And since our Daikin Texas Technology Park is located just outside of Houston it's a perfect place to intern. 

Our 2022 Summer internships do require that you have been attending the University of Houston or other college for at least a year. We do not hire freshman for our internship programs.