The Woodlands, Texas Named as Best Place to Live in The US

Date posted: Feb 16, 2023   Author: Daikin North America  

The Woodlands, just a few miles from Waller was just named as the best place to Live in the US.

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Forbes just names The Woodlands, Texas as the best area to live in in the entire US.  The Woodlands is just 28 miles north of downtown Houston.  The master planned community was founded in 1974 and planned among 28,000 tree-filled acres.  The Woodlands seems to have all the culture and activities of a large city without the traffic and crime.  It's a fantastic place to raise a family or enjoy the single life. Hiking, music, boating, great food and so much more!

The Woodlands, Texas Best Place to Live in The Us

This is the second year in a row that the Woodlands, Texas has been recognized as the best place to live in the US. Besides coming in at the top of the list in 2021, The Woodlands made the list in 2020 and 2019 as well. But what makes The Woodlands so great? 

A city can be voted as the best place to live in the US based on various factors, such as:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Job opportunities and employment rates
  3. Quality of education and schools
  4. Access to healthcare
  5. Safety and low crime rate
  6. Amenities, such as parks, shopping, and entertainment
  7. Climate and weather
  8. Cultural offerings and diversity
  9. Transportation options and infrastructure
  10. Housing affordability and availability

These factors can be measured and compared by organizations, such as magazines, websites, and research firms, to rank cities and determine the best place to live. The ranking is usually based on a combination of data and subjective opinions.

And it's true! The Woodlands, Texas ranks high in all of these areas. The Woodlands is well known for its parks, golf courses, great shopping, top schools, art, dining options and job opportunities. If you haven't had a chance to visit The Woodlands, we highly suggest you give it a look. 

A great time to visit might be the upcoming Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival. The festival features artwork from nearly 200 artists, live music, children's art activities, and more. This year's event will be April 14-16, 2023 along the waterway.

Jobs In The Woodlands, Texas

Companies relocate for many reasons, but top reasons include: 
  • Lower cost of doing business.
  • Workspace and facilities upgrade.
  • Labor and workforce opportunities.
  • Quality of life.

Many businesses choose to relocate to The Woodlands, Texas, for these reasons, and more.

And there are great surrounding areas with even more fantastic jobs!

Places to Work Near The Woodlands

If you are not working directly in The Woodlands there are plenty of great surrounding cities with jobs. Again, Houston is less than 30 miles away.  Waller Texas is also a great place to live and work.  Daikin has a huge facility there with tons of jobs.  Everything from entry level to advanced engineering jobs.  

Perhaps you just graduated high school and aren't quite sure what your next step will be.  We provide full training at a great company that is sure to set your career on track.  Or maybe you are a recent college graduate.  As a global company with over 80,000 employees, we are sure to find a fit for your skills.  If you have been in the workforce for years and you are looking for a change, Daikin could be the perfect fit.  

Jobs at Daikin

Daikin is a leading global HVAC company that offers various job opportunities. 

It is best to check our official career website for an updated list of current job openings and requirements. Also, be sure to check our upcoming events for possible job fairs.  We just had one a few days ago but will be planning another soon. 

If you need to update your resume, we have some helpful tips here