Start 2022 With a New Job

Date posted: Dec 06, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

Whether you are looking for your first job or a career change we want you to start 2022 with a new job here at Daikin.

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Are you looking to start 2022 with a new job?  Many Americans are.  The unemployment rate last month was 4.6% but more people went back to work in October.  In fact, according to a CNBC report 531,000 people went back to work.  But perhaps, you don't want to go back to the same job or company you worked for before.  Maybe you are looking for a career and not just a job. Here are 5 great reasons to start 2022 with a new job with us here at Daikin.

1. Full Benefits on Day 1 of Employment

Most companies make you wait months before you are added to health care or other benefits.  Not here at Daikin!  You'll start 2022 with a new job and full benefits on the first day you start working with us.  Not many companies offer that.  And yes! That includes great healthcare benefits on day one of employment.

2. No Experience Necessary Jobs

Perhaps this is your first job out of high school.  We have amazing opportunities for those with a high school diploma or GED.  Work in our warehouses, as a forklift driver, inside sales, customer service and so much more.

Of course, as number 1 air conditioning manufacturer in the world we could not do it without highly skilled personnel as well.  We have jobs open right now for engineers, software developers, project managers and so much more.  It takes a team to keep this amazing company delivering superior HVAC products every day.

3. Global Company

Daikin Industries, Ltd. (multinational air conditioning manufacturing company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. We have operations in Japan, China, Australia, United States, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.  Our brands include Goodman, Motili and Quietflex.

4. Plenty of Room To Grow Your Career

Daikin is not just a job.  You can have a fulfilling career.  Perhaps your first job with us is on one of our assembly lines.  You will learn the ins and outs of our business and over time perhaps transition to a management role or even a completely different division of the company.  We offer mentoring and training to all of our employees.   And we have some of the best factory jobs available right now. 

5.  Start 2022 With a New Job Today

But why wait to start 2022 with a new job when you can start today?  Wouldn't it be nice to have some extra money for the holidays?  We are actively hiring all over the country. Whether you are looking for a job in Arizona, California, Houston Area, Florida, Pennsylvania or many more you can see all our open opportunities at  Simply click find jobs and select your location from the drop down list.  You can further filter your job search by keyword or category.