Manufacturing Jobs in Pittston PA

Date posted: Jul 15, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

Our brand, Quietflex, is currently hiring several positions on our assembly lines. We have entry-level and supervisor roles available in Pittston PA.

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Pittston is a city in Pennsylvania located between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.  Pittston is located within Pennsylvania's Coal Region. It is quaint little town with a down-home feel. And it's a great place to work and raise a family.  At our brand, Quietflex, we have several manufacturing jobs in Pittston PA we are looking to fill.  We have openings for supervisors as well as entry level jobs on our assembly lines. 

Living and Working in Pittston, PA

Pittston, PA is a very affordable city to live and work in considering the median home price in the area or event the cost of renting. To learn more about Pittston PA visit the city website at

Manufacturing Jobs in Pittston PA 

At our Quietflex plant in Pittston PA we have several immediate job openings. If you are looking for the best factory jobs in Pennsylvania look no further! 

Production Lead Job

We are currently looking for someone with leadership and organization skills to help lead our production team. Your responsibilities will include ensuring that processes and procedures are followed to build quality products in a timely manner.  You'll be responsible for training your team and scheduling among several other things. Learn more about our production lead job

Assembly Line Jobs

We have several job openings on our assembly line.  Our only requirements is a great attitude, ability to work in a team environment and a high school diploma or equivalent. 
Assembly/Bagger 3rd Shift
Assembly/Bagger 2nd Shift
Fastpack Operator 3rd Shift
Maintenance Technician 2nd Shift

Forklift Operator Jobs

If you are an experienced Forklift Operator, great!  But you do not need any experience to join our team as a forklift operator.  We provide full forklift training

Working at Quietflex

Quietflex manufactures flexible ductwork for residential and commercial HVAC systems. In addition we produce fiberglass mats for industrial applications. Quietflex is a brand of Daikin, the largest HVAC company in the world. 

Our assembly lines run in shifts around the clock so we are looking for people that do not always want the standard 8-5 job. 

Our employees often “hit the ground running”, so if you like a fast-paced work environment we encourage you to apply to be part of the Quietflex team today.  In addition to a competitive rate you will have full benefits on day one of employment with us. 

Visit us at to see all of our manufacturing jobs in Pittston PA and around the globe.