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Date posted: Nov 12, 2022   Author: Daikin North America  

See all of the amazing jobs at Goodman. Goodman became part of the Daikin family of brands in 2012.

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We are going to take the next few weeks to highlight key job opportunities within our brands. Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating is a household name. 

Goodman started in 1954 in Houston, TX. as an air conditioning contractor company by Harold V. Goodman.

In 1975 the company started building HVAC equipment.  Starting out in the manufacturing business they started with making flexible air duct and plastic blade registers.  But in 1982 the company made the leap into HVAC manufacturing when they bought out the manufacturing equipment of an HVAC company that was closing it's doors. 

For decades Goodman has been known as a leading HVAC company.

In 2012, Goodman Manufacturing became part of the Daikin family. Daikin Industries, Ltd. (DIL) is a global Fortune 1000 company.  And we are a worldwide leader in residential and commercial HVAC. 

Jobs at Goodman

Again, the roots of Goodman started in the Houston area so we still have a strong presence there.  In fact, we opened the Daikin Texas Technology Park in 2016.  It's one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the US. So, you can imagine we have a ton of jobs at Goodman. 

The Daikin Texas Technology Park is 4.2 million square feet. And it's allowed us to put Goodman’s HVAC manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support under one, very large roof. 

The best way to see all of the jobs at Goodman at the Daikin Texas Technology park is to visit our careers website and select Waller. TX as your search location.  Or, better yet, just click this link

Highlighted Jobs at Goodman

As we mentioned, our facility allowed us to combine manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support in the huge manufacturing facility. 

Manufacturing Jobs at Goodman

We currently have numerous manufacturing jobs open.  Here are some of the manufacturing jobs at Goodman we are currently looking to fill.

Reach Truck Operator and Forklift Driver Jobs

Both of these positions are responsible for receiving, transportation, delivery and handling of all material received and distributed throughout the warehouse and manufacturing areas. In addition, this includes all administrative actions associated with the delivery and inventory.  Of course, we would love to hire those with reach truck and forklift experience.  But, we are also happy to train those with a willingness to learn, and a GED or high school diploma.  In fact, we provide in-house training and certification: This includes 40 hours forklift and 16 hours reach truck through internal DOJO training staff.

For those that don't know, a reach truck is a type of forklift. But with the added ability to expand and retract the forks horizontally. 

EMT Job Houston

To help keep our employees well and safe, we are currently looking for an experienced EMT. The Emergency Responder responds to emergencies and treats employees that have been injured or are ill due to work-related incidents in designated facility. 

Facility Technician Jobs

Just like the title sounds, a Facilities Technician performs facility maintenance duties. They respond to maintenance issues. In addition, they perform preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance.  Of course, issues have to be documented and tracked. 

To thrive in this position, you'll need good troubleshooting skills. You should be proficient in basic construction, wiring, plumbing, basic electrical maintenance, equipment maintenance, HVAC systems, pneumatics and technical work.

These are only some of the manufacturing jobs at Goodman.  To see more manufacturing jobs click here. 

Engineering Jobs

Of course, being a manufacturing company requires great engineers. Our design engineers create, revise, and sustain HVAC product designs, utilizing knowledge of mechanical engineering principles.  We have several levels of design engineers.  From those just out of college with their engineering degree to those that have several years' experience working with product design in the automotive, appliance, or HVAC industry.  Obviously, the more experience you have as a design engineer, especially in the HVAC area, the higher level you would be hired on in. 

Logistics Jobs

Logistics be definition is the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.  Clearly, we have a huge need for Logistics at Goodman to make sure our products get into the hands of our consumers. 

We have jobs in our warehouses as well as plenty of openings for local truck drivers. 

Customer Support Jobs

Of course, it would be great if our customers came straight to us knowing exactly what they need.  Customer service and sales jobs are vital to our business. 

Our Customer Service Inside Sales Representatives respond to customer inquiries regarding Goodman products or services.

Our customer service/sales staff work with our customers directly. Whether it be via walk-ins, phone calls or e-mails you will be the key contact regarding sales and support. This includes not only information regarding new sales but also warranties, shipping and returns. In addition, you will notify customers about available services, supplies, prices and new products

Our CSR jobs and inside sales jobs do not require prior experience or a college degree but of course both of those will be even more helpful catapulting your career here. 

If you have been in sales for a while and ready to take the leap to management or perhaps as a territory sales representative, we have opening there as well. g 

Great Manufacturing Jobs

Regardless, if you are looking at just starting your career or have been in the manufacturing business for years, we are sure there are plenty of jobs at Goodman for you to consider. 

See all of the great job opportunities we have available now at