Date posted: Oct 13, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

HVAC Jobs are so much more than service and installation.

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When many think of HVAC jobs they think of installing HVAC units or repairing them.  But there is a lot more to the HVAC industry.  And there are plenty of HVAC jobs in addition to service calls. To keep our company running like a well oiled machine we need personnel in all areas to continue as the leading HVAC company in the world.

HVAC Engineers

To continually improve our products and add new products to our HVAC lines we need engineers. 

In fact, we are currently looking for an Engineering Technician  in our facility just outside Houston, TX. In this role you'll create and maintain product specifications, bills of material, product change notifications and deviations. You'll be responsible for developing and resolving technical problems.  This includes any issues in production, engineering, facilities and maintenance as it pertains to operational issues.  You'll also assist and support the operation of all equipment and processes within the facility. This includes facilities equipment, production equipment or engineering development / installation / repair of all equipment for production, facilities and maintenance of the plant.

We need to ensure equipment and processes are safely and efficiently operating Quality and on-time delivery of our HVAC products is vital to our success. 

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HVAC Sales Jobs

To get our products in the hands of our customers we work with partners and sales teams. We have sales jobs from entry level to seasoned sales positions. And we have both inside and outside sales opportunities. 

Inside sales is really more direct customer focused.  One of our brands, Goodman is seeking a professional, skilled individual for our Customer Service / Inside Sales Representative position.  In this role you'll respond directly to customer’s inquiries or complaints regarding our products or services and help come up with a solution.

If your sales experience is working more with partners and growing a sales channel you might be more interested in a job as a Territory Sales Manager. A Territory Sales Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, maintaining, developing and growing a volume driven and profitable base of up to approximately 50 target and core dealers. 

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Assembly Line Jobs

Our HVAC units and part are built on assembly lines.  We have multiple factories around the US where we build our products and we are always all the lookout for assembly line workers to join our team.  There are also great jobs if this is your first job.  And working on our assembly lines does not require a college degree.  We offer great pay and benefits on day one of employment for all our full time employees.

Another great thing about our assembly jobs is they are shift work.  This means we have jobs outside normal 9-5 working hours.  

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More HVAC Jobs

Daikin is a huge company with more than 80,000 employees worldwide.  To keep our company running at the highest standards we continually adding to our team.  It's not all about building HVAC systems.  We have to have all the processes and procedures in place that you would expect at any large company.  Additional HVAC jobs include.

Human Resources
Job Recruiters
Truck Drivers
Branch Operations

And so many more!!!  To learn more about us and see all the HVAC jobs we have available click here.