Houston Engineering Jobs

Date posted: Sep 13, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

If you have a BS in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering we have several engineering jobs for you to consider.

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Are you looking for a great career as an engineer in the Houston area?  We have some incredible job opportunities for engineers. Whether you are just of of college with your engineering degree or have been working as an engineer for your entire career you'll want to check out the job opportunities we have.  

Entry Level Engineering Jobs

If you have your degree in engineering then chances are you have already had to create designs for projects within your classes.  You've probably had to design them from requirements documents provided so you know how to create the designs and document the information for new products and services.  And now you are ready to get paid for all that hard work you put into college.  But how do you secure that first engineering job?  Well, word of mouth is great.  Jobs boards will have posting but how do you know which firm is right for you?  

Well, at Daikin and our family of brands we offer full benefits on day one of employment.  Not many companies can say that.  And out facility in Waller Texas, just outside of Houston is bursting with growth opportunities. 

Our brand Goodman is seeking to fill several engineering positions near Houston and an entry level engineer is just one of the many positions we are looking to fill. 

Entry Level Engineering Job Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • A comprehensive understanding and knowledge of mechanical design theory and practice.
  • Basic computer skills using Microsoft office including word, Excel and MS Project.
  • Effective utilization of oral and written communication skills.
  • Practices effective project management skills.
  • HVAC experience or knowledge is preferred but not necessary.
  • Knowledge of specifications and standards used in industry would be helpful but training is provided.
To see more about our Design Engineer 1 job opening click here

Jobs for Experienced Engineers

If you have a degree in mechanical engineering and experience under your belt as an engineer we have several engineering jobs for you to consider.  And again we offer all our employees great benefits that start on day one of employment with us. 

If you have experience as an engineer we have several opportunities to consider.  Of course HVAC experience is preferred. Our engineering job levels are based on years experience.

Engineer, Design 2 (3 years experience)
Engineer, Design 3 (6 years experience)
Engineer, Design 5 (15+ years experience)

Additional Engineering Jobs

To see all of our engineering opportunities it's best to follow our page Featured Design Engineering Jobs. Most of our current opening for engineers is in our Waller, TX facility just outside of Houston but we also have additional job openings across the country and you can find all our job opportunities by visiting https://careers.daikincomfort.com/  But here are a few of the highlighted additional engineering jobs. 

Why Engineers Love Working with Us

1. The facility you will be working with is the third largest factory in the United States. The Daikin Texas Technology Park has a footprint of 4.23 million square feet. Just imagine the possibilities!
2.  We support several brands so there is a ton of opportunity.  You will never be bored. Our subsidiaries at the Daikin Texas Technology Park include GoodmanAmana, and Daikin brands.
3.  Did we mention we offer full benefits on day one of employment with us?
4.  Waller Texas is a great place to live and work.  Great schools, low cost of living and a small town feel just outside of Houston.  If you prefer the big city, it's an easy commute.