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Date posted: Feb 21, 2022   Author: Daikin North America  

What's is it like to work on an assembly line and what types of assembly line jobs are available?

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Assembly line jobs are great for those looking for their first jobs with a high school diploma or equivalent. Also, they are great for those that like shift work. Pay is good and benefits are awesome with us.  In fact, all our full-time employees receive full benefits on their first day of working with us. But what is it like to work on an assembly line?  Do you need training?  And what type of assembly line jobs are available? 

Working on An Assembly Line

An assembly line is a manufacturing process in which parts or subparts are added as the product moves from workstation to workstation. Parts are added in sequence until the final assembly is produced.  In addition, parts are generally bagged or boxed on the assembly line. 

Assembly line workers generally rotate jobs and learn more than one role on the assembly line. The assembly process includes material gathering, construction, quality control, packaging and shipping.

We provide training for all the areas on our assembly lines you will work on.  We even offer forklift training. 

Most of our facilities have three shifts you can request.  Shift work is great for those that need a more flexible schedule from standard 9-5 jobs.  If you are attending college, have kids at home you need to get off to school or pick up or other reasons for a different daily schedule shift work may be the perfect answer. 

Qualifications For Assembly Line Jobs

In addition to a high school diploma or GED, you'll need some basic skills. The ability to lift up to 40 lbs, good basic math skills, legible handwriting and ability to read labels and numbers are some skills needed. Also, we need people that can follow directions, operate in a high-speed and fast-paced environment, have quick hands and are detail oriented. Our assembly line jobs require you to work well in a team environment. And of course, you will be responsible for keeping your area tidy. 

Assembly Line Jobs

We are always looking for great talent to fill our assembly lines. We have facilities across the US in areas like Waller, TX which is just outside Houston.  Also, we have assembly lines in Pittston, PA Groveland, FL and Tolleson, AZ

Again, you do not need any previous experience to work on our assembly lines but if you do have experience, you will definitely go to the top of our applicant list. Our on-the-job training period lasts 1 to 2 weeks in most cases.

Specific Assembly Line Jobs

There are several types of jobs you may work on an assembly line.  We have jobs at the entry level and for those that have years of experience working on an assembly line.

Materials Kitter

A Materials Kitter collects, assembles and stages parts/products per work order and stages into the correct bin to be shipped to the assembly lines.   Materials Kitters are good with numbers, have an attention to detail, quick hands and the ability to follow direction. 

Assembly Bagger

This job is exactly what it sounds like.  You are responsibly for packing or bagging our finished parts or products.  This may require actual bags or boxes or a combination of each.   You will be fully trained on how to bag the products based on specifications. 

Machine Operator

We have several positions on our assembly lines which require you to operate specific equipment.  Like our flexible duct products manufactured by our brand Quietflex.  Or our HVAC products and parts. 

Utility Relief Operator

Our Utility Relief Operators are trained in all workstations in the department. They are able to provide breaks to employees as needed or cover if someone calls in sick or is on vacation.  It's invaluable to us to have people that are trained in all areas. 

Assembly Line Supervisor

The Assembly Supervisor is responsible for managing the assembly group. This includes safety, quality, delivery, productivity and performance management.  As with most supervisor jobs, you will provide training and direction to employees. In addition, you will be responsible for making recommendations and supporting continuous process improvement. 

Maintenance Mechanic

One job that is vital to our assembly lines is a Maintenance Mechanic.  Unlike several of the other assembly line jobs this one does require experience. To keep our assembly lines running we need maintenance mechanics. 

Our Maintenance Mechanics are responsible for installing and maintaining our production machines and plant facility’s mechanical/electrical equipment. Responsibilities include diagnosing issues, repairing, and testing the industrial equipment. Such as mechanical and hydraulic power presses. Certifications in Welding, Electrical, and Mechanics preferred, and PLC Training is a plus.

Plenty of Assembly Line Jobs

Some people prefer to lead while others prefer specific task type jobs.  Good news is there is plenty of room for growth and job movement with us.  As a global company with over 80,000 employees, we will work with you to help you carve out your career path. And did we mention the great benefits?  Full benefits are given to all our employees on day one of employment with us. 

You'll want to visit our dedicated career website for the most up to date positions.