Denver HR Recruiter Needed Immediately

Date posted: Sep 02, 2021   Author: Daikin North America   Category: HR Recruiter

We are hiring and paying a great salary and benefits for a Denver HR Recruiter. If you know someone that would be a great HR recruiter please let them know we are hiring.

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We are growing and we need to hire for tons of new jobs.  We need a an HR recruiter n our Denver Motili office as soon as possible. An HR recruiter is a vital role for any company but even more so.  As you probably know, companies are scrambling to find talent and you will see a now hiring sign in almost every establishment you visit making an HR recruiter more important than ever. And we are willing to pay handsomely for this.  Our HR recruiter job has a pay range based on experience from 77,000 to 96,000 per year.  And that is just the salary.  We also have amazing benefits you will get on day one of employment with us.  Not very many companies can say that. 

What Does an HR Recruiter Do?

An HR recruiter or human resources recruiter is responsible job recruiting for an organization.  Most large corporation have on-staff HR recruiters although some outsource this. In our opinion, it's better to have someone that works for our company and understands our environment and culture to help with our hiring. This way you will help us find the best possible talent.

Your Role as an HR Recruiter

We need you to be responsible for the full life-cycle recruitment process. Help us locate potential candidates, prescreen, get them set up for interviews and make sure they are fully onboarded. 

You'll meet with key management to truly understand their business needs in order to find them the perfect new hires for the job. We will want to help set up and attend recruiting events. As many of our jobs are located in remote cities we will want you to visit and fully understand what makes these places a great place to live and work. We will want you to visit with local colleges and build rapport with community leaders as word of mouth can go a long way.  We hope you have a LinkedIn accounts that you have been building for years. 

If you have at least 7 years experience as a recruiter we would love to talk to you.

Responsibilities as an HR Recruiter

  • Meet with hiring managers to discuss needs. Establish recruiting requirements by studying organization plans and objectives.
  • Reach out to the local community through community services, visiting colleges, contacting employment agencies, collaborating with other recruiters, promoting jobs through media and digital marketing and more. 
  • Keep a solid list of potential candidates.
  • Determine applicant requirements by studying job descriptions and job qualifications.
  • Find ways to attract applicants by placing job advertisements; social media, jobsites, newsrooms, forums, blogging.
  • Prescreen potential applicants by interviewing them first; analyzing responses; and verifying references. Ensure their qualifications fit the job requirements.
  • Present prescreen applicants to managers.  Be able to tell them why the applicant is a possible good fit for the position. Be sure to interview applicants on consistent set of qualifications.
  • Stay up to date on all the latest HR activities and labor relations. Be able to provide candidates with information on compensation and benefits. 
  • You may be asked to assist in the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures and their dissemination.
  • You'll help prepare reports and maintain records at set intervals.
  • Implements company programs and maintain in-depth knowledge of legal requirements. We need to reduce legal risks and ensure regulatory compliance always.
  • We would like someone that can provide guidance to our management team as well.  Help guide them on what is really important for a candidate and what are nice to haves.
  • Analyzes trends and metrics (in partnership with specialist functions) to develop solutions, programs, and policies.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications for an HR Recruiter

  • At least 7 years of current full cycle recruiting
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Understands and can apply fundamental HR concepts, practices and procedures
  • Has strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience developing Talent Acquisition strategy and processes/procedures
  • Experience recruiting for Sales and Engineer and Manufacturing positions
  • Should be able to perform duties under minimal supervision

Jobs You Will Be Recruiting For

As we mentioned earlier, we have a ton of jobs we are trying to fill.  From entry level assembly line jobs, local trucking jobs and inside sales jobs to more experienced positions like programmers, project managers and engineers.   If you would like to see all the jobs we are currently trying to fill visit  

If you know of someone great for the position of Denver HR recruiter we hope you will pass this information on.