Assembly Line Jobs

Date posted: Jul 22, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

Most of our jobs on our assembly lines require no experience or college degree. They are great jobs right out of high school or for those looking for a career change. In this blog article we highlight some of our top assembly line jobs.

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When it comes to assembly line jobs there are generally several to choose from.  In fact, many companies would prefer you cross train in multiple assembly line jobs so you are more versatile.  Here at Daikin and among our brands of Goodman and Quietflex, we have several assembly line jobs we are hiring for across the United States.  We will briefly explain each position and provide links to find out more information or how to apply for an assembly line job with us. 

Assembly Line Jobs

Most of our jobs on our assembly lines require no experience or college degree. They are great jobs right out of high school or for those looking for a career change.  As Daikin has tons of opportunities for growth and movement within the company. And we offer full benefits on day one of employment.  Here are some of the key assembly line jobs we are currently trying to fill across multiple locations like Groveland, FL, Pittston, PA, Tolleson, AZ and Waller, TX to name a few. 


In this position as an assembly line bagger you will be responsible for operating an automated assembly machine to bag the assembled product.  For this job you should have good basic math skills and legible handwriting. In addition, you should have the ability to read labels and numbers. You'll be working in a high-speed, fast-paced environment so you should have quick hands. No experience is necessary but you will need a high school diploma or equivalent.

Material Handler

A material handler is sometimes called a pack handler or even a warehouse associate.  In this role you will manually move products, merchandise, stock or other materials. Material handlers are a vital component of our supply chain.  And we provide full training to those that are hired.  

Fast Pack Operator

As a fast pack operator you'll primarily use the automated shrink-wrap machine to package and bundle products according to production and shipping schedules. The fast pack operator follows established procedures and guidelines in performing manual tasks to assist with production and warehouse operations as defined by safety quality and productivity parameters.  Again, only a high school diploma or equivalent is required. 

Duct Operator

In our Quietflex plants we are looking for duct operators.  As a duct operator you'll operate the insulation machine to perform the assembly of our flexible duct product. 


As a forklift operator you will help deliver vital parts to our assembly line.  If you have never operated a forklift, don't worry.  We provide full forklift training.  All you need is a desire to learn, the ability to work the hours in your shift and a high school diploma or equivalent. 

Die Setter

In this position, your overall goal will be to produce and deliver a quality product in a timely manner for internal and external customers. A Die Setter is responsible for setting up and adjusting various sizes of dies into stamping presses to insure parts are produced within specification. Also, you'll perform any necessary die adjustments at set ups and to check accuracy during production.

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