A Look Inside Our Internship and Co-Op Program

Date posted: Oct 17, 2018   Author: Daikin North America  

This year, we are proud to have reached a five year milestone with our intern and co-op program!

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This year, we are proud to have reached a five year milestone with our intern and co-op program! The most recent group consisted of 47 intern and co-op students from 18 different universities. The intern and co-op program aims to develop a diverse pool of students to eventually fill full-time positions at Daikin, and we are committed to growing the program with the proper resources to attract the most talented students across the country. The program not only helps students enhance their skillsets but also provides value to the company in bringing fresh perspectives and new experiences.  

“The interns bring lots of positive energy to our team, as they have both the zest to learn and the zeal to solve,” said Engineering Manager AP Sharma.  

During the 10-24 week program, each intern is supported by a supervisor and mentor to learn skills such as teamwork, time management and real world business skills. This multi-level coaching structure helps ensure each intern is able to reach their fullest potential, reflecting Daikin’s strong belief in People-Centered Management.  

“Working with a mentor provides a view into the culture of Daikin and what it takes to be recognized as a valuable team member,” said Engineering Manager Troy Schlegel.

This summer, interns had the opportunity to tour the Daikin Texas Technology Park (DTTP) and learn about the manufacturing processes that produce the Daikin, Goodman and Amana family of products. Through the facility tours, interns gained greater visibility into our manufacturing processes and a better understanding of company operations. 

“Helping students make the link between what they have studied at school and the industry is really rewarding. Through the use of simulation tools, interns have played an essential role in supporting new product development,” said Engineering Manager Khaled Saleh.  

Interns also participated in “lunch and learns,” where they heard from leaders in various departments. Exposing students to different departments not only benefits the students but current employees as well.  

“During their internship, interns have the opportunity to work in fields they may not have previously considered. At the same time, we get to see how well a candidate performs in a work and team environment,” said Logistics Engineering Manager Phillip Thomas.  

Over the summer, interns worked in cross-functional teams to tackle two key projects. The two challenges involved creating a mobile assembly line to be used as a recruiting tool and developing a strategy to minimize waste materials on the production floor. These group projects reflect Daikin’s commitment to fostering innovative ideas through creative problem solving and collaboration.  

“It’s a great benefit to bring former college interns on as full time employees. Having worked on cross functional teams during their time here, they come into the position already understanding our company culture,” said Procurement Director Dana Szilagyi.  

New this year, we launched an international internship program, where four design engineering interns spent time at Daikin’s Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) in Osaka, Japan working with the Research and Development team there. During the three week trip, they utilized cloud data analysis techniques to better support contractors and consumers who use Daikin HVAC equipment. Building a connection between headquarters in Osaka, Japan and the DTTP in Waller, Texas enables Daikin to enrich the learning experience of these students and promote cross-cultural understanding throughout the company. 

“It is our goal to provide our interns with the opportunity to see how much fun working for Daikin can be! We look forward to the intern program every year,” said Controls Engineering Manager Doug Nataro. 

Daikin is proud of our interns and their accomplishments this summer. We can’t wait to see where the future takes them!