5 Things To Look for In Your First Job For Recent College Graduates

Date posted: Oct 07, 2021   Author: Daikin North America  

If you are looking for a job for a recent college graduate you have come to the right place. Learn what you should look for in your first job out of college and great jobs that are currently available.

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Are you a recent college graduate looking for your first career job?  Your first of out of college helps set a career path for the rest of your life so picking the right company is really important. 

1) Look for a Company With a Career Growth Potential

Most people will not keep the same job for their entire career.  At some point in your career you will likely want a new challenge.  You'll want to find a company that has plenty of room to climb the corporate ladder.

2) Health Insurance for Recent College Graduates

When you are looking for your first job out of college of course money is important.  But you'll also want to look at benefits.  According to the Affordable Care Act all Americans must have healthcare coverage. And if you are now out of college chances are you can no longer stay on your parents health insurance.  Find a company that has health insurance on day one of employment.

3) Find a Company With Multiple Locations

Perhaps you have wanderlust.  Or maybe you will meet your future spouse that is transferred out of state and of course you want to go with them.  Look for companies that have plenty of locations. 

4) Training Provided

Your college degree will get your foot in the door at many companies but once you are there you will find there are many things you did not learn in college that are important to your career.  Look for companies that provide free training to their employees.  You want a company that will invest in you.

5) Competitive Salary and Great Benefits

You've just graduated!  Of course, you are looking for that degree to finally pay off. Look for a company that offers competitive salaries.  You'll also want to look into their benefits.  Be sure to look at both the salary and the benefits when considering your first job out of college.  There are many companies that offer great benefits for recent college graduates. 

So What Companies Meet These Needs?

There are several companies that will give you everything we have talked about.  And here at Daikin we have worked to make sure our company meets those needs. 

We offer all our full time employees full benefits on day one of employment with us. We offer free training in the areas you need.  As a company with over 80,000 employees worldwide we have incredible opportunity to move up and to be truly challenged. 

We have several jobs for recent college graduates. If you graduated with a bachelors degree in Management, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurial Studies or similar you'll want to read on.

Daikin Jobs for Recent College Graduates

One of the best jobs we have for recent college graduates is in our Accelerated Management Program.

We are looking for recent college graduates in our Accelerated Management Program (AMP). In this twelve month program, you will work hands-on from the ground up. And you'll be provided with the opportunity to explore the facets of our company that could fit your personal skills and interests. In our Accelerated Management Program we have two focuses:  Branch Operations and Outside Sales Track

To learn more about this amazing job opportunity click here.

Job For Recent College Graduate

What's Required to Work For Us as a Recent College Graduate

No previous job experience is required. But you should have a bachelors degree in Management, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurial Studies (or similar) and a 3.0 grade point average.

To be successful in our program you should be detailed oriented, have leadership qualities, team oriented, self-motivated and an entrepreneurial spirit.

You should also be open to the possibility of relocations after completion of our program.

So if you are seeking a career and not just a job this may be the perfect job as a recent college graduate.

To see all the job opportunities we have available click here

And if you want to learn more about our company and our brands we encourage you to visit our website

Jobs Without a College Degree

We understand college is not for everyone.  And we have a ton of job opportunities for those looking for their first job without a college degree as well. Just click here to learn more.